I worked on this project alone, reporting to a project manager. The client is banking company ING.


ING was in the process of adapting to an Agile workflow (Spotify model). For web content this means that web content managers no longer publish and edit web content, but now any squad member should be able to do this work themselves. To publish and edit this web content, the company uses their own tool. This tool was produced solely by developers, and lacked ease of use for non-developers.


I made the first UI redesigns for the tool, making it easier for non-developers to use it. Specifically

  • I made the content easier to scan and interpret (using white space, colors, icons, tabs, etc.)
  • I chose to hide most of the buttons and only show those the context required
  • I changed button text that was ambiguous (e.g. ‘check out page’ > edit page, ‘undo check out’ > cancel, ‘check in’ > save edit), and added contextual pop-ups
  • I added some functionalities: search & filter

Tool before

Product overview page

Product detail page

UI redesign

Product overview page

Product overview page – Filter

Product detail

Product detail – Edit mode

Product detail – Pop-up